Medicaid Nursing Home Planning

When should I talk to an attorney about Medicaid nursing home planning?

You should consider contacting me when a nursing home or extended care facility stay is becoming likely for your loved one. This could be when your loved one is in the hospital and will be going to a nursing home or when the health of your loved one is declining such that he or she will eventually need nursing home care.

Does Medicaid take a patient’s assets?

Neither Medicaid nor the State will take any of a patient’s assets. A person cannot receive Medicaid Nursing Home Assistance until his assets are at or below a certain level. Once at that asset level, Medicaid will pay for most of the person’s Nursing Home Care costs.

Are there methods that will preserve a patient’s assets?

There are ways to preserve additional assets of the nursing home patient or his or her spouse, however these rules are complicated, technical, and change often. I have the expertise to help you through this process. Don’t navigate these rules and pitfalls on your own. Please call me and I can help to protect additional assets and help you to avoid actions that will cause Medicaid Nursing Home Assistance to be delayed or denied.

Can assets be gifted to allow someone to qualify for Medicaid Nursing Home Assistance?

If an action is considered a gift pursuant to the Medicaid rules and occurs within 5 years of a person needing Medicaid Nursing Home Assistance, then the nursing home patient is disqualified from getting Nursing Home Assistance until the money gifted would have been spent. I can help determine if a transfer of an asset will result in a person being denied Medicaid Nursing Home Assistance.

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